The Turkey.


Maxi, our fellow LBC blogger has an interesting post in her blog on a guy who breeds wild turkeys and nurtures them, A very moving tale and worth a read.

Interestingly enough, I had an occasion to read about the country Turkey just immediately after reading Maxi’s post and I was wondering about the synchronicity of the two events, when bang came a phone call from a friend who wanted me to tell him about the black swan story that Nassim Taleb tells.

Taleb is well known for a parable he tells of a turkey (presumably in the United States) and of a turkey farmer. From the perspective of the turkey, the farmer is an absolutely wonderful character, providing endless food, adequate shelter, and ample opportunities for socializing with its kind — until the day the farmer slaughters the turkey for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

I had just concluded telling him of the story and giving him the reference of the book when the door bell rang and I received a hamper of food from a neighbour who had slaughtered a goat in the morning for a special occasion. And I thought to myself of the great days that the goat must have had being fed nice things till that morning!

I can think of a few wonderful farmer type of fellows who had led me up the garden path and slaughtered me! I am sure that my readers can think of such characters in their lives too.

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  1. Good post Ramana, thank you. I have thought of trying to keep wild turkeys here. They used to be native to this area at one time, but have not been seen for a long time now. I imagine the fox has a lot to do with its disapearance.
    Regards, Keith.

    1. Thanks Keith. There are some turkey farms in some parts of India which breed them for the Christian populations. To the best of my knowledge they are not seen in the wild.

  2. We have wild turkeys up around our land — they seem to have recovered from the fire. In the past they’ve occasionally broken branches of some of the fruit trees, presumably misjudging how strong the branches were. It will be a while before the new trees get big enough to be considered. 🙂
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Flow

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