The Two Doctors And The Three Mosquitoes.

3 mosquitoes

The two grownups in the photograph there are, my aunt, that is, my late father’s younger sister and her husband. They had been married for less than about a year when this photograph was taken. Here is a photograph taken at their sashtiapthapoorthi, which is celebrating the 60th birthday of the husband.
Thatha's Canvas Final

And the one on his 80th birthday.
2 Thatha's Canvas Final

He would have been a hundred years old had he just lived on till October this year, but it was not to be and the photograph right on top was first posted by my brother Arvind immediately after his death last week.

All our favourite photograph of our uncle is this one taken while he was resting one afternoon not too long ago.

Smiling Thatha

Both my aunt and uncle were medical practitioners in rural Tamil Nadu and on retirement moved to Madras. Before that, my aunt had moved there to facilitate the education of their three children, all of whom are doctors. My uncle became deeply involved in Vedanta and for us apart from being a favourite uncle, he was also a spiritual guide. The three mosquitoes that you see on the top photograph in later years are shown below. The first two show me and my youngest brother Barath when we had called on them in Madras three years ago. Barath is shown taking our uncle’s blessings, whereas, I had already taken that.
self and mama
Barath and mama

The in¬†between mosquito Arvind has been in hospital recovering from surgery to replace both his knees. The photograph was taken by my cousin Mohan who featured in my last week’s post on being scared of my driving.
Arvind in Malar

With the coverage of almost all the images in the photograph, my soliloquies on the photograph is about to end. There are just two topics more to extract from it and my next post will do exactly that and with it,  will relieve my readers of further pain.

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