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  1. i’m one of the people who thinks that oswald wasn’t bright enough to act alone. i saw a documentary once that proposed the shots were fired from a drain in the street right near the spot where the deadly shots were fired. near the grassy knoll. would explain the shot in his neck. that was an entry wound. couldn’t possibly have been fired from behind him. maybe someday . . . not in our lifetime . . . but it will come out. i enjoyed that clip. interesting!
    tammyj recently posted..at the wren house

    1. Tammy, there are always conspiracy theories when some major disaster takes place. Take for instance 9/11. There are people who really believe that the US government organised the whole thing just as there are people who belive that our own 26/11 was orchestrated by our government’s dirty tricks department.

    2. Tammyj, funnily enough tree was a documentary last Friday on BBC where Lee Harvey Oswald’s whole background was followed up including his Russian wife who tried to hide his rifle and gun. The whole point of the documentary was to show Owald having killed a policeman who was looking for him (witnessed y a young man) and although I would love to believe the conspiracy theories, this documentary convinced me that he worked alone and was a bit off his rocker.

  2. I like it. I tend to believe that most conspiracy theories are concocted out of simple circumstances that have other explanations.

    Oswald may have only had an average intelligence, according to and IQ. test in school, but he trained as a radar operator in the Marines, finishing seventh in a class of thirty in In the Aircraft Control and Warning Operator Course. The assassination was an impulse crime with little prior planning.
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