8 thoughts on “The United Kingdoms.”

  1. I know, it’s a total verbal tangle. I tend to refer to either the UK or Britain and that’s it. There’s certainly nothing very Great about Britain any more, so I refuse to use that term. And British Isles is daft because lots of countries consist of islands. We don’t say the Indonesian Isles or the Japanese Isles. And I’m not sure how long the United Kingdom is going to last if Brexit goes ahead. Scotland is threatening independence and Northern Ireland could join the Republic. The United Kingdom would shrink to the Welsh and English Territory (WET).

  2. LOL!
    (they didn’t even wash their hands btw!)
    I call them all separately. England. Scotland. Wales. Ireland. that’s wrong I suppose now. but I never liked UK. the names themselves and the different histories have such beauty to them… the history. the romance of it all.
    yes. I know. I’m hopeless. but I love my world better than the real one.

  3. I think I mostly refer to that place as the UK unless I’m speaking of a territory within the “kingdom” i.e. my niece is domiciled in Scotland – but then again I’m living in one of the Commonwealth countries…where royalty i.e. Queen of England and her family regularly come on tours 🙂
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