The Walking Stick.

My readers know that I had been using a walking stick since the past four decades due to both hips having been replaced and revised. Since the past six months or so, I have had to move up to using elbow crutches with which I am more stable and confident of moving about.

I am not the man in the picture but I have inserted the image to show what elbow crutches are.

Many people who have known me for long however, do not know that I have upgraded to elbow crutches and must be under the impression that I still use a walking stick. This must be the only reason for me having been flooded since morning with this video clip in my WhatsApp application.

I have been responding with the following message.

“I admire you for your memory remembering me with a walking stick. I however assure you that I am not capable of the acrobatics shown in this video.”

You can imagine the responses that I have been getting for that comment.

What would your reaction be to my response?

12 thoughts on “The Walking Stick.”

  1. Oh I laughed out loud at the clip Ramana, so very funny. And elbow crutches, you must be a little unsteady on your pegs these days. I have George, my cane, a lovely boy but happily lately I haven’t needed to lean on him.

  2. I just laughed out loud. Whether you could do that physically or not right now, your mind can do mental gymnastics like no one!

  3. A great video. I wouldn’t have been capable of such acrobatics when I was 15, let alone now. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with elbow crutches. They’re not popular here for some reason.

  4. elbow crutches here are the go to for broken bodies but also a moon boot if necessary.

    as for acrobatic movements love the clip but my feet and body should stay upright as much as possible…I’ve enough problems with dizziness (at times)

  5. If I ever did it moves like the one in the video it would be purely by accident. I am using a cane except for a few short steps in the house, and I didn’t have pratfalls without trying to do tricks. I am with you, Ramana, I didn’t have those moves – even in my youth. I am happy enough to make it where I’m going. I will continue to do that as long as they make aids to help me walk..

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