The Wall.

Whenever some reference to a wall is made, I remember this Indian TV advertisement clip for its sheer chutzpa.

The wall is apparently a hot topic in the USA, thanks to President Elect Trump’s strong anti immigration stand.

I have no personal interest in the matter as I do not intend emigrating to the USA legally or otherwise. But, another great wall teaches us a lesson that perhaps Mr. Trump and his cohorts can learn from.

The Great Wall Of China was built to prevent aliens from entering China among other reasons like to tax imports at the wall etc. None of the hoped for results were ever successfully achieved.

This morning, I came across another statement about a wall.

“The wall we need to build is between our work life and our home life.”

~ Bill Maher.

I don’t have a work life. I do however have a home life. Where should I build my wall?


16 thoughts on “The Wall.”

  1. Yes indeed – the wall is a hot topic here – especially who is going to pay for it. Never mind that it will not do anything it is expected to do – drugs come in via tunnels, submarines, boats – people will always find away in as well. Things are definitely going to be interesting5 over the next few years as Trump meddles his way through his term in office.

  2. “Choose a leader who will invest in building bridges, not walls. Books, not weapons. Morality, not corruption. Intellectualism and wisdom, not ignorance. Stability, not fear and terror. Peace, not chaos. Love, not hate. Convergence, not segregation. Tolerance, not discrimination. Fairness, not hypocrisy. Substance, not superficiality. Character, not immaturity. Transparency, not secrecy. Justice, not lawlessness. Environmental improvement and preservation, not destruction. Truth, not lies.” Suzy Kassem, “Rise Up and Salute the Sun”….. I think Suzy said it all!

  3. Most people have a wall between their home and work lives. They need to break it down. The cement ad can be very funny. I don’t watch a lot of TV but I enjoy ads, especially if their any good. My favourite one was for the Onida KY Rock TV a few years ago. It featured (didn’t, rather) and interview with Sachin Tendulkar.
    Maria recently posted..Use Your Imagination!

  4. I didn’t know the Great Wall of China was built to keep out unwanted foreigners. And it doesn’t surprise me that it was a failure. I’m sure the Mexican wall will also be a failure – if such a hugely expensive project ever gets the go-ahead.

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