The Weather.

For the first time since I started to live in Pune thirty two years ago, the summer season has forced me to instal an air conditioner in our drawing room.

Two factors are cited the foremost being global warming / climate change and the deforestation on the mountains that surround our city. The cool breeze that used to come down from there, has disappeared and now we are paying the price for that folly.  We get hot winds instead.

The past two weeks have been particularly bad as apart from the heat, in the high thirties low forties during the day, humidity has been high for our plateau climate and that has made it more uncomfortable for us. Dry heat is less debilitating whereas the humidity saps one of one’s energy.

As I write this, it has been over cast and the high has been 38 deg C and forecast to be 25 deg C during the night. Humidity at 51% is very high for us.

As my readers know that I am a Pluviophile and I am impatient for some heavy downpours. Our monsoon season that normally starts by early June seems an eternity off.

How is the climate where you live?

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  1. I was reading something entertaining about peoples perceptions of weather in at least two of our cities – when someone asks you “how’s the weather in your neck of the woods” and those of us in my region, Auckland say “oh 4 seasons in one day” and yep the last two days exactly that – cold in the morning, humid in the arvo – raining badly, then is that brilliant sun with it repeating throughout the day. Layers are your best friends – plus I’ve had to flip the switch on my heat pump quite a bit, and the machinery is acting confused from time to time.
    The widest point in any part of our long strips of islands is apparently 450km and our narrowest part is just on 1km – right here in my region…
    It’s Autumn in New Zealand…right now.
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Little books: progress

    1. During our winters here in Pune, we too get days with four seasons in one day and I for one thoroughly enjoy those. The only machine that I have had to switch on and off is the air conditioner this summer. I have not turned the water heater on at all throughout and have used cold water.

  2. How is the weather where I live? Indifferent. Lukewarm. A bit of everything without committing to anything. Which is fine because at least it’s not freezing. To be fair: Spring is coming along nicely. The Angel and I went for a sunny walk in the New Forest back in March (Mother’s Day). Had a leisurely picnic in a clearing among the trees. I brought the food, he brought the rugs to sit on. It was glorious, not least his company. In conversation the two of you would get on like a house on fire. I sometimes mention you to him.

    “Lover of rain”? My dear Ramana, our dance possibly remaining a dream. And what a sweet dream it is.


  3. Looks like the temperatures you’re having are pretty unbearable. I was in Melbourne once when the temperature reached 40C and doing anything at all in that heat was exhausting. Luckily the climate here in Northern Ireland is very moderate. It seldom goes below 0C or above 20C. I think we might attract a few climate refugees in due course!

  4. I like the weather where I live, for the most part. I’m not a fan of winter, but that doesn’t last long, and spring, summer, and fall are great. The weather is pretty variable here but we’ve bene getting intermittent rain and everything is getting lush and green right now.

  5. What can I say, here it is mid Spring and tomorrow they are calling for a sunny day with temperature reaching 90 degrees Farenheit. What will July August and September bring? But at least we do have air-conditioning. Where are we? Central Florida in the USA.

  6. We’re still in the midst of drought here in Southern California. Expecting to hear we may have some water rationing. Unfortunately, our rainy season is over. Yes, dry heat is better than the humid variety. Sorry you’ve had to install A/C with the loss of the cool breezes you used to have, but glad you have it now.

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