The WEEE Man.


I came across a stunning piece of information and on researching about it came across some things that I did not know about and this blog post is an attempt at sharing that information with my readers and to request them to share the information with as many people as they possible can.

I give a link to the Wikipedia on the subject here.

And some iformation about the WEEE man here.

In the latter, please do spend some time exploring the subject and try and get children involved.

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Thank you.

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  1. In Auckland (not sure about rest of country) there are either places always taking e-waste along with dedicated periods. However, I know I have quite a few cords/plugs stashed away – for reasons I think might help my usual practice of acquiring second-hand equipment…

    In the last few weeks, I have been sifting and shifting stuff and I found I have at some point put all these accessories together in dedicated packages…they have now gone downstairs to the room I have for storage of semi-useful/less things!
    is one such place for creating art from such materials…
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..Front of house

      1. there is one big different that I note here…there are no municipal collections of garbage. We do have such collections, along with a fortnightly collections of tins, similar and much plastic as well as paper…occasionally we get an inorganics collection as well.
        Cathy in NZ recently posted..Front of house

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