The Well Of Our Being.

This week’s LBC topic comes to us courtesy Lin.

Let me at the outset confess that I am at a loss to understand the meaning of the topic.  I have heard of and understand ‘well being’ but ‘well of our being’ beats me.  Google research lead me to a book which confused me even more.

After some discussions with friends who are more familiar with British and American idiom, I was able to understand that it simply means our inner resources that enable us to live whichever way we want to.

On the assumption that my understanding is right, the well of my being is an ability to be a witness to all that happens to and around me without getting tangled up.  And let me confess, it is still a work in progress.

sitting quietly

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  1. i can think of no better work to have in progress.
    “getting tangled up” is so easy to do.
    i also go by the idiom…
    “you can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.”
    tammy j recently posted..renewal

  2. I suppose mine would be a deep faith in my resourcefulness, which leads to your not being reactive, not getting tangled up, but instead being able to stand back and respond from my values. It’s more active than yours because at times it means nurturing “the grass” rather than sitting and watching it grow.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Cold and Sunny

  3. I am one and totally with Cheerful Monk on this. May no one’s well (as in being “resourceful” – and, in my case, completely and utterly lacking pride) ever dry up.

    I do not wish to be confrontational, Ramana, (so easily done even without the intention to be so), but isn’t life about getting “entangled”? I like people with passion behind their convictions, a bit of oomph, fire in their belly. Having said that, the Angel played me some Mongolian music the other day. Oh dear, calm with a big C came over me. Almost zen like. Still, if there were grass right in front of me like CM I’d most certainly not just lean back and watch it wilt. I’d egg it on with lavish doses of water. This is assuming I am NOT right in the middle of a deserted desert. Still, even then there is always that oasis shimmering in the middle distance, giving you hope. Hope being the opium that makes “future” so very alluring.

    Life is a participatory sport.

    Ursula recently posted..Pathetic

        1. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to do something more constructive to retain one’s sanity. Luckily for me such occasions are infrequent and I think that I am blessed because of that.

        2. You wrote, “Sometimes, it becomes necessary to do something more constructive to retain one’s sanity. Luckily for me such occasions are infrequent and I think that I am blessed because of that.” That’s a lot more passive than my definition of acceptance. The best definition I like is “Acceptance is the willingness to accept reality.” To me that implies not ranting that life isn’t the way you think it’s supposed to be. I think it’s more fun to take a more creative approach and do something less passive.
          Cheerful Monk recently posted..A Simple Wish?

    1. I like that participatory sport as well…and it’s all good to have more in your personal assernul to play yet more of the game [sorry spellcheck will not find me the right word…]

  4. Way back before the turn of the century, when I was coming in at 3-4 am from concerts, and too wired to sleep, we would turn on the tv, and the only thing on here at that time worth watching was Highlander- a great philosophical treatise of watchers- trained educated historians who never took part in anything, and watched people die because of it- and the ones they studied, the immortals- the basis of whose existence was to die- again and again, always in good causes. the philosphical background is too complicated to go into here, but I say, if you have to go down a few times for the sake of good, do it, and then make sure you get up again. In the end, you live longer-and more interestingly- than the non-immortals.
    Dun-Na-Sead recently posted..The Well Of Our Being

  5. I could think of the same what it means, but in different manner – “the depth of one’s own” From the depth what comes out is the abilities & character of an individual. Still to write something or some other blog for this week!

  6. Interesting, Ramana. When I read this a few days ago I had to go away and let it percolate. I guess I would have thought of the “well of my being” as my deep inner self. Perhaps some symbolic way of expressing my inner self. I suppose because it is a “well”, it is deeper than I imagined and provides more resources that I tap on a regular basis. Okay, it all makes sense…I guess. I suppose I will continue to think of it as my “gut” – providing instinctual reference that is often untapped. Or I won’t think of it at all unless I am writing some flowery expression of my deep feelings. Well, none of this makes sense, does it.
    Mother recently posted..Taking Care – a Gift to Ourselves

    1. On the contrary, it makes perfect sense to me. Calling it gut reaction or being spontaneous with our reactions are all perfectly fine as long as we are aware that such behaviour comes from accepting our selves as we are.

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