The “What Have I Done So Far” List.

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My blogger friend Square Peg On A Round World has come up with a very interesting post on what he has done so far.

My response to his post was one of total amazement. I then decided to take his permission and share his post with all my readers.

One of these days, I will sit down and write a similar post. May be my readers will too. In the meanwhile do see what an amazing and versatile man Square Peg is.

14 thoughts on “The “What Have I Done So Far” List.”

  1. It makes me tired just reading it. On the other hand, thinking of all the things I’ve done, including building barbed wire fences, a tractor, several sheds, maintaining gardens, hiking, computer programming, etc. makes me tired too!
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..I’m Not the Only One

    1. Oh yes, all of us will have at least one and may be more too, In my case for instance, my father and some other worthies never thought that I would graduate, which I did and more importantly acquired a post graduate qualification too and most importantly became respectable!

  2. Ramana, I so wish it hadn’t. But it has. That list of a square peg bringing out the most derisory in me. Even I have unblocked a toilet (New Year’s Eve – only took three hours), but in a million years I wouldn’t list, never mind going public, what can only be called a misfortune.

    Still, if your square friend is in dire need of a pat on his shoulder – HERE it is. Let’s see how well he does on resetting a dislocated joint.

    Ursula recently posted..Giving

    1. It is occupational hazard with you Ursula. So, be derisive for all you are worth. I am sure that Square Peg will take it in his stride. A wallop on his shoulder is unlikely to dislocate that man’s shoulder. Just see how active and healthy he is!

  3. as a notoriously modest under achiever
    with a completely non competitive soul . . .
    i would have to say i have a pitifully small list.
    if i were forced to list something
    it would go like this . . . i have learned to enjoy life just as it comes.
    tammyj recently posted..happy egg and nog!

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