14 thoughts on “The Wisest Person On Earth.”

  1. I didn’t need a wife to figure out I know nothing, or at least the little I know is minuscule compared to the complexity of the universe. As far as insanity is concerned, once when I was in a joyful mood I asked Andy if was possible to be manic without the depressive. He said he wouldn’t worry if he were me, he didn’t think they would institutionalize me or anything. It is fun to have so many ups without a lot of downs.
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    1. Philosopher’s question, Jean: If you don’t have “downs” how can you have “ups”? Both feed off each other by being opposites. You’d not appreciate sunshine half as much if it weren’t raining every so often (and vice versa).

      Myself? I seem to go through life largely unperturbed – ebb, tide, what’s it to me? Nothing. It just is. Which, come to think of it, makes me sound like some sort of meandering median …

      Ursula recently posted..Poison

      1. Ah, you clearly never had the “spiritual advantages of a painful childhood”, to use Wayne Muller’s phrase. If you have to go through painful experiences you might as well learn from them. If you work it right it pays off with abundance.
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  2. In my family it’s more complicated. Whilst my father pretends that he is firmly with Socrates but mostly “I think therefore I am” (Descartes), my mother irritates her children and grandchildren by claiming that her husband is a bloody genius. To love someone is one thing, to elevate them to a height you can barely touch their feet is another.

    Having said that, I don’t think she’d call him “wise”.

    Ursula recently posted..Poison

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