The Wonderful World Of Wall Paintings – Rajasthan.

Vijay B, bookA dear friend’s gift, a total surprise, made me literally weep for the absence of someone in my life who would have loved to have received this gift much more than I did.

A few days ago, my classmate and good friend Vijay from Delhi  asked me for my postal address.  On probing he advised me that he wished to send me a gift and since I do not look into the mouth of gift horses, I readily obliged and sent him my address.  I received the gift today by Speed Post and I have reproduced the cover of the book that I received. It has been compiled by Usha Rai.

Urmeela and I have spent days in Rajasthan enjoying the wall paintings there and this book took me back to those wonderful winter days of the early eighties of the last century.

This book for all practical purposes, priceless for me and I am grateful beyond words to Vijay who so thoughtfully sent it to me.

A word about Vijay. Vijay manages runs a company SCIMA that specialises in large size digital photogaphs in Delhi and the collection here is a work of love for Vijay.  When I was in Delhi last year, I had visited his office to see how the whole thing works and was quite zapped with the equipment and his very enthusiastic staff.

Thank you Vijay.

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