The Wrong Fit.

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I tried to find out if there is any difference between Wrong Fit and Misfit and could not find any and shall therefore proceed with writing about misfits.

Online dictionary has these definitions.

misĀ·fit (msft, ms-ft)

1. Something of the wrong size or shape for its purpose.
2. One who is unable to adjust to one’s environment or circumstances or is considered to be disturbingly different from others.

1. a person not suited in behaviour or attitude to a particular social environment
2. something that does not fit or fits badly

1. to fit badly.
2. something, as a garment, that fits badly.
3. a person who is not suited or is unable to adjust to a situation:

And, I shall concentrate on the person who is a misfit. I do so, because I am an amazing misfit. Let us for the moment take a diversion and talk about the other members of the LBC. Each one, including those who do not write can claim to be misfits in his/her own environment. But all these misfits converge on one topic each Friday and write about one topic and you will immediately understand why each is a misfit but will applaud all of them for that single minded obsession with writing that Friday LBC post. Take me this Friday. I have a thousand other things to attend to and am rushing with this so that I can attend to those rather less important matters.

I come from a community called Tamil Brahmins affectionately called the Tambrams. As per the Hindu law books and religious scriptures, Brahmins were expected to lead a spiritual life and devote their lives either to the study and propagation of Vedas and Hindu scriptures or function as temple or household priests. You can straight away see that I am a misfit there.

The vast majority of Tambrams live in Tamil Nadu, and they consider me as a misfit because I live outside Tamil Nadu. They also consider me a misfit because I married outside our community and that too a Christian.

Life has decided that I live in Maharashtra, one of the states in India. Since I am not a Maharashtrian by ancestry, but only by birth, I am considered a misfit by those who claim to be so through ancestry.

At almost all social occasions, I am a misfit because I am a teetotaler and a vegetarian.

I can go on in this vein ad infinitum and for that I will be considered a misfit for using latin in an English sentence.

But the most important reason why I am a misfit is because, I have to go to a special shop to buy ready made clothes as I am a misfit in the regular stores which do not keep clothes in stock for the extra large.

If all that was not enough, I am also considered to be a misfit for a totally different reason. The image below explains why.
dead and stupid

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