Then And Now.

Just a few days ago my friend Anita posted a photograph of Jodie Foster on a whim.

Jodi Foster

This was from The Taxi Driver, a 1970s film, the second one in which Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese had paired up. Since I had not seen the film in the seventies, I got a DVD and saw it yesterday.  In that film Niro looked like this.


I saw Robert De Niro just a couple of months ago in The Grudge Match. He looked like this in that picture.

And Jodie Foster looks like this in her latest movie Elysium.


See how differently the two stars have aged in four decades?


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  1. Well, you can never tell with female stars, so many of them resort to botox or plastic surgery or all manner of anti-ageing treatments, that’s unlikely to be the “natural” Jodie Foster. But whatever she’s doing, she looks pretty good at 52!
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      1. The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, for which she received the Saturn Award for Best Actress at the age of 15, the youngest actress to receive the award

        That movie was made after Taxi Driver – thus validating her age
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  2. I have always thought that a caricature of Jodie Foster would portray her as a shark ( dead eyes and a gash of a mouth below a pointed nose ) , albeit a good looking one ! This struck me when I saw her in ” Silence of the lambs” ( as Clarice Starling ) . But it was De Niro who was featured in “Shark Tale” ( along with the other stunner Angelina Jolie ) – terrific …mole and all !

  3. All four photos are ‘in character’ shots. You cannot go by two clips from different movies taken many years apart without allowing for different hairstyles and stage make-up. Women are ageing at a much slower rate nowadays. A good haircut, careful make-up and clothes in the right colour to match the skin all help, not forgetting how a woman carries herself.

    Robert De Niro is two months younger than you are, while Jodie Foster is twenty years younger than that.

    De Niro has starred in over 90 films (all that make up plays havoc with any face), yet his profile photo here does not show him looking as old as in the character picture above.
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    1. Well responded Grannymar. I should have researched more. I still cannot however accept that JF was just 14 when The Taxi Driver was made. She has to be closer to ten years younger than RDN.

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