Then And Now.

Just a few days ago my friend Anita posted a photograph of Jodie Foster on a whim.

Jodi Foster

This was from The Taxi Driver, a 1970s film, the second one in which Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese had paired up. Since I had not seen the film in the seventies, I got a DVD and saw it yesterday.  In that film Niro looked like this.


I saw Robert De Niro just a couple of months ago in The Grudge Match. He looked like this in that picture.

And Jodie Foster looks like this in her latest movie Elysium.


See how differently the two stars have aged in four decades?


26 thoughts on “Then And Now.”

  1. I guess at 14 if you are spotted and you have talent…you will clearly get the part and to see how she has staged her life since, money might well have helped to keep her beauty flawless…or maybe not.

    I prefer the older man pictorial it gives so much more character…
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..Queenstown, South Island

  2. i like deniro’s old face!
    i suppose the older i get the more i appreciate faces that look
    lived in.
    and true… as your commenters state here…
    she was very very young when she started in the business.
    i remember the courtship of eddie’s father! it was a great show.
    i think she might have been 6 or maybe 9. sometimes they’re playing a younger child though they’re a bit older.
    she never really had a “baby face” though.
    arriving late to this party… i got a kick out of all the comments! LOL.
    tammyj recently posted..meant to be

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