This And That.

I suspect that Maria has lived in the Hindi heartland in India for too long.  Because I doubt very much that this phrase is used in English by anyone other than an Indian who thinks in Hindi and translates the thought into English.  In Hindi, to be vague about anything one simply says, ye wo, meaning this and that, which also stands for etcetera.  Ye meaning this and wo meaning that/she/he.

Philosophically speaking of course, this can be that.  This being the individual and that being the whole.  I somehow cannot however,  picture Maria being philosophical about anything.

On the other hand, she has got plenty of etceteras in her life about which I hope she will do justice in her LBC post which she incidentally has not been writing for a while, being preoccupied as she is with housework, and ye wo.

This and that is also used poetically in India,  to talk about the wonder if this is not that, or more aptly, whether this,  being that, the long sought after girl of the dreams or for a girl, this man who has appeared in her life being the man of her dreams!   For such love struck people, everything reminds them of the lover.  Here is an all time favourite of mine from a remarkable film “Haqueekat”.  A very difficult tune to sing and the singer Lata Mangeshkar carries it so well.  And the lyrics by Kaifi Azmi  set to music by composer Madan Mohan,  will make even misanthropes change!

Zara Si Aahat Hoti Hai To Dil Sochta Hai
Kahin Yeh Woh To Nahin
Kahin Yeh Woh To Nahin (2)
Whenever there’s a slight sound,
My heart is given to think
Could this be him?

Chhup Ke Seene Mein, Aaaa
Chhup Ke Seene Mein Koi Jaise Sadaa Deta Hai
Shaam Se Pehle Diya Dil Ka Jalaa Deta Hai
Hai Usi Ki Yeh Sadaa, Hai Usi Ki Yeh Adaa
Kahin Yeh Woh To Nahin (3)

Like someone hidden in my body,  a tune in the bosom
Lights up the lamp of the heart before dusk
This tune is he, this attribute is he,
Could this be him?

Shakl Phirti Hai, Haa Aa
Shakl Phirti Hai Nigahon Mein Wohi Pyaari Si
Meri Nas Nas Mein Machalne Lagi Chingari Si
Chhoo Gayi Jism Mera, Kiske Daaman Ki Hawa
Kahin Yeh Woh To Nahin (3)
Zara Si Aahat Hoti Hai To Dil Sochta Hai
Kahin Yeh Woh To Nahin (3)

His face wanders in my sight lovingly
And has begun to agitate me in  every vein like sparks
The breeze that touched my body, where did it come from?
Could this be him?

That song leads me to the possibility that Maria, despite my misgivings about her, may well have had such romantic notions when she suggested this topic.  Let us see what she has to say about it.

This topic was also suggested by Maria the gaelikaa, for the weekly Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium where currently nine of us write on the same topic every Friday.  I hope that you enjoyed my contribution to that effort.  The seven other bloggers who write regularly are, in alphabetical order,  AshokgaelikaaLin, Maxi, Padmum, Pravin,  Shackman and The Old Fossil. Do drop in on their blogs and see what their take is on this week’s topic. Since some of them may post late, or not at all this week, do give some allowance for that too!

18 thoughts on “This And That.”

  1. a common saying here when you want to allude to anything or nothing on how your day has gone…or what you did or didn’t do…to whomever the inquirer is. “i’ve done a bit of everything today…but nothing in particular stnads out

  2. “This and that” exists in any language. It’s part of the human mind set. I hardly ever use it though it does appeal to me – being vague, not nailed to a spot, not having to give a blow by blow account of today’s meanderings. The downside – in my experience – that most people don’t like me being evasive. But what’s the use of committing to one narrative when you only know the half of it yourself? “That’s a definite maybe then, is it?” father of son would say. When in a worse mood (he is a logistics expert which is why he absolutely “adores” dealing with the Greek) he’d accuse me of being as slippery as an eel. I don’t like eels (neither their look nor their taste). Anyway …

    As to Maria I do disagree with you, Ramana: If she weren’t philosophical about life in India and her MIL she’d thrown the towel in after five minutes and entered an Irish convent. There are times in life when we all need a bit of peace and quiet whilst throwing this and that into today’s offerings.

    Ursula recently posted..I haven’t found it yet

    1. After I posted this, I have come to know that it is quite commonly used in the West. Perhaps I should have said here, but then here we mix English with our local languages to come up with some hilarious combinations.

  3. As Cathy says about NZ, it’s also a common answer here when someone asks “So what have you been up to?” If the other person can’t be bothered to give a detailed run-down, or they don’t want to talk about something a bit sensitive, they just say “oh, this and that”.
    nick recently posted..The enigma of maturity

  4. this and that will now take on a whole new meaning when i hear it here!
    my she is very beautiful. and a great carnitic singer? in the classical sense? i’m trying to learn! i probably have that all wrong. oh my.
    i wish it had been in color.
    i’m glad you put the english translation in for us. thanks rummy!
    tammy j recently posted..a special 4th remembered

    1. Lata Mangeshkar and her sister come from an illustrious family of Hindustani classical music, not Carnatic. They however sang popular Hindi film songs and continue to do so even now.

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