I had written about this four years ago but this has again been brought to my notice by a dear friend Narasimha.

When I was a wee lad, like along with other mischievous lads I used to get punished for various acts of omission and commission with what was called ‘Thoppukkaranam’, at home as well as in school. Some times when two of us were involved in whatever mischief it was that we were up to, we were punished with double thoppukkaranam, which was for my to cross my hands and catch the other fellow’s two ears and for him to do likewise with mine, and then to perform the thoppukkaranm of performing what was essentially squats.

It was then discovered that this was not a punishment and many schools started to promote this as exercise for the brain.

It now transpires that this is now big business in the USA! It is called Super Brain Yoga.

Wah Capitalism!

I thank Narasimha for bringing this to my notice. He like me, fondly remembers being punished with this Super Brain Yoga.

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  1. The singer yoga variant of this is to cross your arms across the chest going into the squat and opening the arms as wide as you can going out of it. This is followed by grabbing an ankle and pulling the feet as high as you can get them toward the center of the back, for which one needs a chair, a door frame, or an understanding accompanist to hang on to, especially when dressed in a long evening dress. To be done directly before going on a stage. Along with prayers and the stowing of aburd but comforting personal talismen on the singer’s body and the pockets of any trustworthy male present. As I assume you have lived with, having been married to a musician?

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