Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri.

I had been wanting to see this film ever since I read a review of it by a blogger friend. Fortunately for me, I discovered that it was showing in Pune and I quickly went earlier this afternoon to see it.

I am glad that I did. From the link that I have given to the Wikipedia review of the movie, you will find all the awards that the film has won. Every single one is fully deserved.

This is another woman centric film the entire story revolving around a grieving mother played to perfection by Frances McDormand. Woody Harrelson plays a critical but, a small role in the film and again does a professional job. All the others do their jobs to perfection thanks to very good direction. Photography and editing are good and the movie, while essentially a character portrayal based story, moves with speed with not a dull moment anywhere. A bit of overacting by Sam Rockwell jars but is par for the character portrayed and since the audience reacted to him as the director wanted, I suppose that it was very good acting.

All in all a very well made movie worth watching. I am glad that I could see it in a movie theatre and did not have to buy a DVD.

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  1. I’ve always simply liked Frances McDormand just as a person as much as for her acting. but perhaps because of the subject of the film I wasn’t interested.
    now after yours and your friend’s review I will see it. only not on the big screen.
    I loved her speech at the Oscar’s. very cool lady!
    and I followed your link on her and found it fascinating that she owns a home in Bolinas CA … that is so remote there are not even any road signs into it! the people of the town removed them. she must enjoy living there without any of the normal ‘movie star’ hassles.
    tammy j recently posted..Zark

  2. I love Frances McDormand in all she does and respect her decision not to conform to the Hollywood idea of beautiful. I’ve wanted to see this and missed it while it was here. Unfortunately. I’ll have to wait now for Netflix I guess. Or the library.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

    Wisewebwoman recently posted..Controversial Opinions.

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