19 thoughts on “Time.”

  1. Some lovely posts here Ramana, I remember well when you first wrote about Manjiree and the changes in your life. I am so happy that you are all so blessed in each other.



  2. it’s an amazing phenomenon really. the sense of time.
    my days are lovely. some are long and some are short!
    but the years? I seem to mark each one now by Christmases. LOL! why?
    I don’t know. my mother loved Christmas. maybe that’s why.
    I just said to the marine yesterday… this will be my third Christmas at Safe Harbor. 😀

    1. I had gone visiting my nephew and his young family yesterday and since I had a 150 Km drive in the rains ahead of me, I wanted to leave early but, they would have none of it. Their idea of time spent by me with them was one of inadequacy whereas mine was one of satisfaction and need to get away quickly! Same situation, two different thoughts about it.

  3. In deep meditation, I find that time has meaning ONLY when there is a change; when no change takes place, time loses meaning. Similarly, space gives me meaning only on perceptible change, without which space loses meaning.

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