Wisewebwoman, who I call WWW, has this very entertaining post No No Days in her blog.

We exchanged comment and response as follows.

Me: Every day is a no no day for me WWW! You will inevitably find me at home in my lungi and vest and quite content. The world comes to me and I am unapologetic about that life style. I find it tedious to dress up and go out!

WWW: Ramana: I doubt if you do nothing as in don’t read or talk or exercise or cook or write…..

Me: You are quite right. That would be impossible. What I do do is what we call timepass here!


That exchange triggered off this post.

There was a time when I used to travel by train to and from Bombay by train. One of the endearing memories of those trips was how one vendor used to board the train at one of the stops to sell roasted and salted peanuts by muttering to attract the attention of dozing commuters – “Timepass, timepass, chana phalli, timepass.” The chana phalli was Hindi for roasted chickpeas and peanuts. I used to be bemused by his calling that consumption as timepass.

Timepass is so commonly used by us in our everyday conversations that I cannot imagine a day when I do not use it in some conversation or the other, mostly as a response to questions on the telephone as to what I was doing.

To come back to WWW’s post, I don’t have to cook except when our help plays truant and that too now a days, I prefer to either send for something or the other from one of the restaurants that are conveniently located in our neighbourhood and who deliver at home, or less often, simply go out to one of them to eat. Since I eat only one cooked meal a day, I do not have to reheat anything unless there is a lot of leftovers from some party that we had had the previous day.

Since that one bit goes off the list, I do not work up a sweat at all over the things I do for timepass. Reading newspapers, solving crossword puzzles, internetting, reading books, watching movies on DVD, answering phone calls and chatting with the odd visitor. And most importantly, the post lunch siesta is timepass of the best kind. Time passes so fast that I really get very tired by evening and sleep very well in the night.

The only exception to the no sweat lifestyle is my exercise routine of an hour every day, but on my no no days, that one hour is usually spent on some other more important activity.

I hope that I do not get any creases on my face and manage to look after myself till I pop off, but I don’t want to live to be 95! If anything, I am ready to go now without any regrets whatsoever.

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  1. i have never heard of ‘timepass.’ i like this.
    and i love the way you spend your days. very much like my own.
    especially during this heat wave!
    i also enjoyed the zamindar post. though very sad.
    i like looking up the links you give that teach us more about india.
    such a many faceted culture. like the cuts of a diamond!
    my dad died of a heart attack at 45. and he was trim and fit in every way. every way but his arteries i guess.
    i think you may live to 95 and still look young as a cowboy and still be sharing bits of wisdom and folly! wonderful!
    tammyj recently posted..imagination

  2. Thanks for that, Ramana, the day has barely started and you have already made me feel vaguely depressed. TIMEPASS? That’s terrible. I want STANDSTILL. Please. For a little while now I find, and it’s disconcerting, time running through my fingers like sand. It’s always Friday or Monday or something. Two weeks after the last one. Drives me nuts. Don’t understand the dynamics. In fact, it’s so bad I have started a log book just so that I know that I actually exist. It’s crazy. One moment it’s January (a few years ago) now it’s already August (again). Can’t go on like this.

    As to your love of sleep. Well, you share that with my mother. And the Angel. I myself don’t like sleep. By nature I am not particularly suspicious. But you never know: Close your eyes. Will you wake up again? That’s what I’d like to know before shut-eye.

    Ursula recently posted..Charity

    1. How can I respond to that? Our emotions are stirred more quickly than our intelligence; and, it is much easier to have sympathy with suffering than it is to have sympathy with thought. Now, in your case, I am at a loss to find out whether it is your emotions that is giving you the problem or the intelligence. What do you think?

      1. Both, Ramana, both. In fact, come to think of it, I am like one of those blenders: Pour a thought, sprinkle with plenty of emotion. Whizz. Prepare to spit.

        Ursula recently posted..Madness

        1. Ah, you are like Sylvia Plath who said “I have the choice of being constantly active and happy or introspectively passive and sad. Or I can go mad by ricocheting in between.”

          Not good nor bad. A way of life as it were.
          Rummuser recently posted..Timepass.

  3. I just take days as they come. Some I want to work, and go meet the world, others I just lose myself to my craft work and then there are days like today where rest is compulsory. If I listen to my body, tomorrow will be grand.
    Grannymar recently posted..A very special day

  4. I certainly don’t call that doing nothing! It sounds like a fairly busy routine to me. I find it’s hard to do nothing when the world demands that I pay bills, socialise, go to work, weed the garden, repair the cars, shop for food, clean the house and a hundred other necessities, but I do manage the odd half-hour of doing nothing.
    nick recently posted..Not for me, thanks

    1. Those are things that you do not like to do. I have some of them too but with modern conveniences, it is not too difficult to handle them. What I do are things I like to do. There is a difference don’t you think?

  5. One by one –
    1. That sleeping Simpson is not you. If it were – he were having a book in his hand. I’ve mostly seen you like that
    2. In India, we generally overlook this technique of selling – “Time pass!” Is it really a timepass? When I read that time only I realized that we do not notice such things commonly. Hum!
    3. Thirdly and most importantly – you are not passing your time. This is wisdom in hind side! So there are many who are learning from you even if you do not intend to teach.
    4. Moreover, the callers at times are bugging you… you know who is that. A caller calling largely around 8:00 PM while going home from office…. he has a lot of questions, problems and objections to many things 😀

    1. And by the way why am I hearing a lot of life, life stuff from you? Remember facebook comment of late and here too… hope everything is going on fine with you.

      Take care uncleji

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