Timshel Tattoos.

Meeta who is now becoming a regular feature in my blog posts sent me a link to a blog post on the word Timshel to share with me her awe at its meaning and intent.

I gather that the word Timshel in Hebrew means “Thou Mayest”. In modern language I suppose that it means, You may.  This indicates to me that  you have a free will.  As a Vedantin  my understanding is that “Karma is what will come to you in life and free will is what you choose to do with it.”  If this tattoo sported by many indicates the same, I have no quarrel with that and I hope that some of my readers will enlighten me further on this subject.

Here or two tattoos from the google images showing “Timshel”.

Talking about tattoos, my son and daughter in love are both fans and here are some tattoos that they sport.  The last two are sported by the DIL.

Both have tried to get me to sport a tattoo or two, and so far, I have resisted the idea. Should I go for it?

8 thoughts on “Timshel Tattoos.”

  1. I don’t see the point of tattoos myself, and I prefer my body as it is without “embellishments”. I’m especially baffled by whole-arm tattoos (sleeves). But there it is – different strokes for different folks, as they say.

  2. Actually the person who wrote the article I forwarded, has explained the word in such depth and it appealed to me at so many levels that I felt the need to send it to you. 😊
    And I am neither for tattoos or against them. Often I have considered getting one but I am not sure what I would want as a permanent embellishment on my body. Plus it has to be something I can live with all my life 🤷‍♀️

    1. I am aware of the background Meeta and I simply translated the intention of the word to our own culture. I have nothing against the tattoos but, personally would not like to get one or more done/

  3. Meeta is right in that you have to live with it. I had one done about 20 years ago, a lizard on my right shoulder. It’s just one colour, basic black and it looked very nice for many years but now it has lost it’s sharpness it doesn’t look as good. I keep meaning to enquire if it can be re-done with a bit of colour.

    1. I too have seriously considered getting my earlobes pierced so that I can wear studs but, every time I come near doing that, I give up. I don’t think that now I will ever get it done.

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