Tirupur’s Workhorse.

This is a follow up post on my yesterday’s post on my Nostalgia Trip To Tirupur.

This photograph shows a very common sight in Tirupur. It is a courier carrying about a ton of cotton cloth between two processing locations. Possibly from a calendaring unit to a cut make and trim unit. The vehicle is a 50CC moped rightly called the work horse in South India, manufactured by one of India’s native grown companies called the TVS group.
The picture has been put in here to show the innovative spirit of the local populace. That a tiny machine like this can be used to carry such a heavy load surprises many first time visitors to the town. The locals do not even seem to notice it.

The unloaded vehicle looks like this.

My son Ranjan’s first owned vehicle was a TVS moped somewhat like the one in the picture. Subsequently, he graduated to two more higher powered models of motorcycles from the same stable.
Oddly enough, the very versatile and sturdy vehicle is not popular outside Tamil Nadu.

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