To All My Blogger Friends.

Kiss Of The Muse by Paul Cezanne.

I recently had to locate a relevant quote for an important communication, and luckily remembered this old poem. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did revisiting and using it for a very noble purpose.

HIGH is our calling, Friend!–Creative Art
(Whether the instrument of words she use,
Or pencil pregnant with ethereal hues,)
Demands the service of a mind and heart,
Though sensitive, yet, in their weakest part,
Heroically fashioned–to infuse
Faith in the whispers of the lonely Muse,
While the whole world seems adverse to desert.
And, oh! when Nature sinks, as oft she may,
Through long-lived pressure of obscure distress,
Still to be strenuous for the bright reward,
And in the soul admit of no decay,
Brook no continuance of weak-mindedness–
Great is the glory, for the strife is hard!

~William Wordsworth.

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