To Shave Or Not To Shave II.

My post ‘To Shave Or Not To Shave’ elicited more email responses than comments on the post itself, but my musings on that phenomenon is for another post!

By and large, the advise is to keep it. I am not surprised.

There are many reasons that have been advanced for me to keep it, and sometimes with the advise to shape it differently from what it looks like now. The most powerful reason advanced however comes via email from an ex colleague of mine who had worked withe me for over twenty years when I was much younger. He simply states that I am known as the ‘Dhadiwala Saheb’ throughout the country and it would be a shame to lose that identity. For my non Hindi speaking readers, that term simply means ‘Bearded Dignitary’. Actually the translation does not quite come near the same impact as it does in Hindi, but it will do for the purpose of this post.

Apart from being a Bearded diginitary, I am also known as Dhadiwala Uncle, Dhadiwala Swami, Dhadiwala Romeo etc and it would destroy an image created over 42 years if I shaved the beard off.

So, the decision is that I shall save on shaving paraphernalia and retain the beard.

Some readers had used the opportunity to ask what advise I would give to ladies wishing to shave their legs! I prefer not to tackle that ticklish question lest I invite the wrath of Gail and others of her ilk. I shall simply let this cartoon talk. Please click on it to enlarge the image and contents.


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