To Tuck Or Not To Tuck.

This is a common sight now a days.
Not just Shah Rukh Khan, but even the aad aadmi looks like this:
I simply cannot wear a shirt which has not been tucked in. I do wear safari shirts which are not tucked in.
sarari shirt

I do believe that the normal shirt deserves to be tucked in. The power of brain washing I guess.

Or is there something more sinister at work?


22 thoughts on “To Tuck Or Not To Tuck.”

  1. I am a “tucker” as well , even with T Shirts ! Guess we are “old fashioned” and definitely not part of the “Y” Generation !

      1. I think there are some who begin with tucked in shirts but when they lift their arms or bend or whatever, the shirt tails give up & slowly migrate out , so they just leave them in despair . But I tell you what , on the rare occasion I go buying new shirts , I wish I adopted a hanging out style – shopping would be even quicker !

        1. I am increasingly wearing kurta/pajama as the most comfortable. I use tracksuit bottoms or knitted shorts and tea shirts for the walk/exercise routine and rarely wear trousers/shirts.

        2. At home I am always in white cotton Kurta+Pyjama – most comfortable . I have given away so many of my “office” shirts after retirement ; my driver often looks better dressed than me now !

  2. Any blog with with Shahrukh is a winner in my book! As for shirt tucking… I think it depends on the situation…

    1. Nice to see you here SRK fan. I agree about the situation, but I wouldn’t quite agree to SRK style of unbuttoning the shirt would you?

      1. So am I, Ramana. Surprised that is. I definitely had Jean down as a tucker. As befits my image of her as a very neat person. Just shows you that perception and reality can be opposites.

        Ursula recently posted..Not on your nelly

  3. LOLOL! I love that cartoon. and true reverse psychology. works every time. well. almost.
    sorry rummy. i’m a non tucker. but NOT a half tucked half outer. that’s just stupid looking. and i think it would feel weird!
    but. they think it’s sexy. kinda like the pants that drag 3 feet from their crotch. who thinks THAT looks good?
    i’m with monk and wisewebwoman.
    comfort. comfort. comfort. the mantra.
    tammy j recently posted..chairs of simplicity

  4. On the whole, I don’t like men untucked when they wear collared shirts. Looks stupid – other than on the very young. or when, like your first photo, they are in a state of advancing undress. Oh, my, yes, bring it on. T-shirts – that’s different. They look stupid tucked in – unless a man’s waist line is immaculate. So Nandu whose waistline – so I gather from photographic evidence – is swelt is safe.

    I myself am both a tucker and non-tucker. When in Miss Moneypenny mode (pencil skirts and heels) I do tuck my immaculate white shirt in. When I am full of abandon in my own abode where few will find me I love wearing oversized men’s shirts. Covering your bottom they are like dresses. And generous.. So the question of tucking never comes up. Lush.

    May I suggest, Ramana, that soon you may raise the subject of belts, braces and shoes, and man bags.

    Ursula recently posted..Not on your nelly

  5. I’m not bothered one way or the other. Tuck it in, leave it out, who cares? There was a fashion in the UK at one time to leave your shirt out, so that’s what I did. But the style since then has been to tuck it in.
    Nick recently posted..Brain teaser

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