22 thoughts on “Too Close To Home!”

  1. Never had crazy hair days when I was at school. In those much more conservative days, a parting and severely flattened hair was the norm. Only famous eccentrics had crazy hair. Even later on, my only hair experiment was growing it to John Lennon length. Then I got bored with that and cut it short again.
    nick recently posted..Safe and sound

  2. i used to have to have my hair thinned even!
    not now.
    not bald but so much thinner!
    i like bald. as long as it’s like you. don’t like those who comb a couple of long locks across their head. that’s just weird!
    yul brynner made bald handsome. and then bruce willis came along and cinched it!
    i love pickles cartoons.
    tammy j recently posted..meditate or skinny dip?

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