22 thoughts on “Too Close To Home!”

  1. As a schoolgirl, I had masses of reddish-brown hair- always in my way, and held back in braids. Picture Dorothy in Oz.
    As a teen, my best girlfriend Ann took me surfing, and we dried our hair on huge empty orange juice cans and ironed it on an ironing board.
    (I once got caught by a Japanese tour group with rollers under a scarf. Somewhere in Tokio are hundreds of puzzled Japanese.)
    In college I trained as a music therapist- in my generation’s war, and cut it short- male style- because I had to.
    I grew it long for my wedding, short each time I passed exams, or major accomplishments in my life.
    Each form of hair, or hats, or scarves, or a particular piece of jewelry- wedding ring, ring for a child, etc. says, this is real. I am proud of me.
    Be proud of your hair development.
    Do you have a hat collection?

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