Topli Na Paneer.

My son Ranjan is a foodie and when he goes shopping for one item he will end up buying half a dozen or more items on display in the shop. Last week he had done exactly that again and,  brought something that was in the fridge intriguing me as I normally would not try anything until I make sure that it is vegetarian. This is what he had brought.
I discovered later that it is Burrata Cheese and I quite enjoyed some.

This cheese however, reminded me of a Parsi speciality over here called Topli Na Paneer.

The last time that I had had this was some years ago when a young friend’s mother in law used to make them on order for collection from her home. I had to drive some twenty kilometres to and fro and that eventually killed my appetite for it.

Since I remembered those times when I had relished them, I tried to locate the lady again only to find that she had in the meanwhile gone off to meet her maker. I therefore contacted two Parsi friends in Pune to seek their advice on how to go about procuring it and was sent this flier by one of them.
I called the number and was treated to a highly satisfying response from the responder and I have placed an order for delivery tomorrow morning.

I shall post again after I receive the paneer with my experience of the customer service as well as a review of the product itself.

8 thoughts on “Topli Na Paneer.”

  1. I would have a form of paneer at a restaurant in Toronto, I think one of the more luxe ones here carries it.
    Coincidentally I wrote a bit about cheese today, LOL

  2. Like Ranjan, I have an inability to purchase only what is on the list! I also like to try lots of new products which is both an asset and a liability.
    I hope you enjoy your Topli Na Paneer!

  3. I remembered junket as a childhood pudding – so after I looked at the link about it & rennet – thought I wonder if it’s a product you can still buy – and found that my online grocery store has it – suggesting you could make both ice cream and cheese via it. But I doubt I will buy. Nice memory from the past…

    I also buy from the online shopping – oddments that I think I might like to try – some have become favourites whereas others not so much.
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Table remains almost clear!

    1. You should perhaps try your hand at making the paneer with the rennet tablets available readily for you. You could use a tea strainer instead of a basket if getting the latter is a problem.

  4. I like cottage cheese and buy it regularly, usually nonfat, but the variety you describe made with cream sounds really rich, plus, if smooth, has no curds as what I eat has.

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