Touche! Me Too!

We need good friends to keep us grounded firmly on Mother Earth.

I am blessed in that I have a number of them who take great pleasure in ensuring that I do exactly that.

One of them, who unfortunately refuses permission to name him, took me down a peg or two this morning and I am yet to recover from it as I write this six hours later.

My friend lives a safe 900 Kilo Meters away from me but calls me whenever he gets the opportunity to talk to me. He ignored the first opportunity when he read my post Checked Out Characters. He however could not resist the temptation to call me this morning after he received an email alert about my post Haldi Doodh.

The point he made was simply that I should not be so smug. He pointed out that I too am a checked out character for having dropped the Western attire of pant, shirt, suspender belt, shoes, tie and jacket persona to the not so popular white native dress. He called it reverse snobbery.


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