Touched II.

Delirious commented as follows in my post Touched. “I love the picture of the elephant. There is something so special about the touch of an animal!”

I responded – “You have reminded me of something that I am unable to share here and as Grannymar says, I have a propensity to come up with sequels for my LBC posts, I shall post one anon.”


I wonder what animals feel about being ‘touched’ by humans!

8 thoughts on “Touched II.”

  1. That elephant looks comfortable. As for other animals, Buffy and my sister’s dogs are the only ones I know at close hands. They all jump up to be petted and caressed. Once I settle into an armchair they come to sit on my knee, so they must be happy with touch.
    Grannymar recently posted..testing, testing….

    1. Yes, I have personal experiences of cats dogs, cows, horses, deer and elephants responding to human touch. But as Nick points out, the elephant’s skin is very thick!

  2. That elephant must have such a thick skin it hardly notices the little girl’s touch. Her hand probably feels like a tiny tiny insect.
    Nick recently posted..Letting rip

  3. oh nick.
    i want to think he is loving her little touch. i love everything about elephants. they are far more sensitive than was ever known before.
    all animals really.
    how can we not love them and touch them? i do!
    hugs rummy for this great post and picture,
    tammy j

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