Touched II.

Delirious commented as follows in my post Touched. “I love the picture of the elephant. There is something so special about the touch of an animal!”

I responded – “You have reminded me of something that I am unable to share here and as Grannymar says, I have a propensity to come up with sequels for my LBC posts, I shall post one anon.”


I wonder what animals feel about being ‘touched’ by humans!

8 thoughts on “Touched II.”

  1. That elephant looks comfortable. As for other animals, Buffy and my sister’s dogs are the only ones I know at close hands. They all jump up to be petted and caressed. Once I settle into an armchair they come to sit on my knee, so they must be happy with touch.
    Grannymar recently posted..testing, testing….

    1. Yes, I have personal experiences of cats dogs, cows, horses, deer and elephants responding to human touch. But as Nick points out, the elephant’s skin is very thick!

  2. oh nick.
    i want to think he is loving her little touch. i love everything about elephants. they are far more sensitive than was ever known before.
    all animals really.
    how can we not love them and touch them? i do!
    hugs rummy for this great post and picture,
    tammy j

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