It is such a beautiful word. When someone says that she is touched, a whole range of emotions get squeezed into that one word. The dictionary says that it means to be emotionally stirred. And that encapsulates the beauty of the word.

I am one of those blessed people who get touched very easily.

Before I conclude, there is yet another meaning to this wonderful word – to be slightly unbalanced mentally. I am often that too! I get so whenever I hear this beautiful song by a favourite singer:

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    ( Andy Williams “Can’t take my eyes of you ” )

    Not sure of this link will work . Was just trying to think of other memorable songs with the word ‘touch” in them . This has both “touch” and “feel” , not the same thing as we know ….. Digressing slightly I have heard people using the word as follows ..” the fruits were a bit touched” , meaning they were damaged in some way in transit . Not sure how legitimate the usage is .

        1. oh LOL Ramana – I despised Titanic and its screechy bombastic song! I was referring to Streisand and HER song!! Now for a truly brilliant movie about the Titantic, try “A Night to Remember”!!
          wisewebwoman recently posted..Lessons

          1. I rarely watch movies WWW, but since you recommend it, I shall indeed try and see A Night To Remember.

            Incidentally, I have forgotten more nights to remember than I remember!

    1. No, I did not and what a flash back Shackman. You never stop to amaze me. Roberta was a heart breaker, I can tell you. And this one really touches my heart.

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