It is such a beautiful word. When someone says that she is touched, a whole range of emotions get squeezed into that one word. The dictionary says that it means to be emotionally stirred. And that encapsulates the beauty of the word.

I am one of those blessed people who get touched very easily.

Before I conclude, there is yet another meaning to this wonderful word – to be slightly unbalanced mentally. I am often that too! I get so whenever I hear this beautiful song by a favourite singer:

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34 thoughts on “Touched.”

  1. what in the world is wrong with me. this post made me cry!
    i saw that concert. it was legendary. as befit her.
    after i listened to ‘he touched me.’ i selected ‘if you go away.’
    that is my favorite song of all time. and that’s what made me cry.
    but sometimes tears are okay! glad you touched us today.
    tammy j

  2. You are quite correct recognizing how lucky you are to be easily touched. It is a gift all too often avoided by men and I value it highly myself. You are a good man, Ramanaji.

    The Old Fossil recently posted..Touched

  3. I love the picture! I’m probably easily touched in both senses. In particular I’m easily touched by people doing something unexpectedly kind or generous or compassionate.
    Nick recently posted..Tug of war

    1. You have reminded me of something that I am unable to share here and as Grannymar says, I have a propensity to come up with sequels for my LBC posts, I shall post one anon.

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