Travails Of City Life.

Drunk Driving Accidents.

Terrorist Attacks.

Overcrowded public transport.

Parking Problems.

Power Cuts.


Traffic Jams.

You Want More?

Why do I live here then?  Like millions of others, these are considered to be minor irritations compared to the many benefits of living in a city and particularly the one where I live.  The many benefits are for another blog post.  Watch this space.

This topic was suggested by me for the weekly Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium where currently eight of us write on the same topic every Friday.  I hope that you enjoyed my contribution to that effort.  The seven other bloggers who write regularly are, in alphabetical order,  AshokgaelikaaLin, Maxi, PadmumShackman and The Old Fossil. Do drop in on their blogs and see what their take is on this week’s topic. Since some of them may post late, or not at all this week, do give some allowance for that too!

23 thoughts on “Travails Of City Life.”

  1. I haven’t figured out the benefits, personally. I live in the suburbs (and many of those issues still apply!) but prefer to avoid crowds and traffic and just don’t see the appeal. I’m not sure I’d enjoy living far out in the country, either; it can be inconvenient and maybe a little boring at times.
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted..Is It Lunch, or Voodoo?

    1. Actually I live in a suburb which is much better, but I avoid going into the city as much as possible. I would not like to live in any other city or smaller town now that I have lived here for a quarter of a century!

  2. I”m afraid I’m spoiled. I live in a small town with reasonable internet access, and I love it. We have a low crime rate, not many traffic accidents, good utilities (when our power went out one night a few months ago I phoned the police department, who phoned the utility crew, and the power was restored before I woke up in the morning), etc.

    I’m looking forward to hearing the advantages you have that we don’t. They are no doubt numerous, but I’m guessing I still wouldn’t want to trade.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..I Wish Them Luck!

    1. You are indeed. So am I as I actually live in a suburb of the city. I don’t really have to go into the city unless I have to meet someone from the other side of the city and we decide to meet halfway. Our suburb is quite self contained as are many others in the periphery of the city.

  3. Well, that’s four of the reasons I don’t regret leaving London. I could name plenty more. Big-city living requires huge reserves of patience to negotiate the endless crowds and congestion everywhere you go. Luckily Belfast is small enough to still be mostly congestion-free.
    nick recently posted..Po-faced fanatics

  4. I mean if we hated the place we lived in and had a choice we would have moved wouldn’t we ? I suppose every place has its advantages & disadvantages but on balance if we feel comfortable then …..

  5. Yes, well I know what you mean, Ramana. But everywhere has its advantages and disadvantages, doesn’t it? I mean, imagine if we lived in a village or something? And falling foul of the local khap panchayat and being flogged in public and all? It doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? I’ll take my chances exactly where I am, if you don’t mind.

  6. Drunk drivers can often be found wrapped around trees in ruaral parts and as we learned in NI, Bombs can go off at crossroads on Motorways or rural buildings and well as in cities. You might have packed buses in Cities better than none or few buses as is the rule in my town. Our Power outages are mostly due to extreme weather conditions as experienced in the last few days.

    By the way, please advise Dun-Na-Sead that I retired from the LBC some time ago, no point in directing folk to my blog when I do not participate. I did try to comment, but was informed that my ‘URL contains illegal characters’.
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