My sister PN who lives far away from me but, is very close to me in my thoughts posted this on her Facebook page tagging me with the cryptic comment, “Our Amma and you.” (Amma in our language being mother.)
While I accept that it is apt for our late mother, I am flattered that she thinks that I am like this too!

Thank you dear.  You are no less.

12 thoughts on “Tribute!”

  1. Thank you or as my 99 year old neighbour’s caregiver says, “No tanks”! Whenever any of us are grateful for little things that she does for us…she knows no English and by this statement she is saying that she does not want to be thanked…her help does not merit any gratitude…that is her generous self.

  2. “No matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better pushing right back.” Amen to that. It’s easy to see the world’s problems and overlook all the efforts being made to solve them.

    1. The last more than two years have not been good for the world. Covid post normal has been upset by Ukraine and the aftermath and now heat wave and floods. I hope that things normalise soon.

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