Tsundoku – 2.

My friend AA sent this to me on WhatsApp.

He further reminded me that in Japanese this is called Tsundoku.

And that, reminded me of another blog post that I had written earlier more than eight years ago.

It also took me to Nick who suffers from Tsundoku and Wisewebwoman who does not but, who reads a mind blowing number of books.

I am like Nick. I buy books as soon as I come across some reference to them somewhere and they wait to be read at some time in the future. As I write this, I have twenty two books waiting to be read on my Kindle and ten Hardcover ones on my book shelf.

As I was writing this post, another friend strongly recommended another book that I intend buying as soon as I finish writing this post.

This is one condition that I am perfectly content to be saddled with.

How about you, dear reader? Are you afflicted with Tsundoku as well?

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Ramana, I do have an unread pile – usually books not chosen by me but gifts from others who rave. I get to them when all else is exhausted.
    I love getting them from my local library as I give them back and my shelves don’t burst to overflowing anymore due to space restriction. A far cleaner passion – haha.


    1. Entirely my pleasure WWW. I wish that we had such a library near by. With the advent of the internet the local lending library that used to operate just across the street from my home shut shop some years ago.

      It is to avoid overloading my book shelves that I prefer buying Kindle books.

  2. No, I am not so afflicted. I acquire books at a measured pace. As measured a pace as I will read them. Having said that, there are books (non-fiction) which you can’t read in one go. You dip in and out of them. They are the true keepers.

    I have realised, and it’s quite emotional, that the books I have gathered (and read) over a life time are my wallpaper. Comforting by their very existence on the shelves, in the living room, the hall way, my study. However, being disciplined, every so often I shed some I know I will not go back to, those of unlikely appeal to the Angel. It’s a gradual process. Pruning one’s life.

    Currently I am not in the market [of buying books]. I reread my old friends – those who made me. Reread them with hindsight and a new won perspective.


  3. Classic Tsundoku!

    My problem is that when I hear about a book that sounds wonderful, I often buy it, and I buy faster than I can read. I have hundreds of books waiting to be read; I love to read a book and give it away, to declutter my house. When my dog Bounce and I walk two times a day I often carry a book with me and give it to a Little Free Library in my neighborhood. Do you have those where you live? They are a friendly thing.

    1. No, unfortunately the library closed down and I really miss it. Some time ago, I donated two thirds of my collection to the local Animal Welfare Association who sold them on Take What You Want and Pay What You Wish basis which was a grand success for them. Since then, my purchases have mostly been for my Kindle. It is only when it is not available for Kindle that I buy the hard copies.

  4. I think you’ve misunderstood me somewhere along the line, Ramana. I don’t have huge piles of books waiting to be read, that’s more a description of Jenny! I usually have three or four books pending and that’s it. In fact I sometimes run out of new books and start to reread some of my old ones. All the books on our bookshelves have been read by one or both of us, and quite a few of them reread.

  5. I tend not to buy many books but even then, it can take me ages to read them so I conclude that I do have a mild case of tsundoku

  6. While I have numerous books on my bookcase shelves, those are the ones I have read, many more than once.

    Then there are those on my Kindle – now that is another story. Many of those have yet to be read. Some day!

  7. LOL! I’m glad to know this particular affliction has a name.
    odd. when I had actual books I didn’t tend to do it.
    but Kindle makes it too easy to fall into this habit.
    I have at least 4 I can think of that I need to read!
    Michael and I have great discussions and he’ll recommend one.
    and it’s so easy to add it to my Kindle.
    but I bet there are more than the four. I am like a kid in a candy store.
    I WILL get to them! I’ve promised myself I will.
    we’ll see.
    a cool post Rummy. keep us on the right track! xo

    1. Right track? Let me share a story. During a rather prolonged telephone call, my cousin mentioned a very old novel which described a scene that he was experiencing just now. I went online trying to find that book which is now out of print. I went to second hand stores, got various people to search for it and finally found it in an archive which had a facility to download a PDF version on to my kindle for free. I did and am feeling quite chuffed!! Incidentally, the last word is new to me and I have blogged about it too.

      1. Yes. And when you are looking to buy and find it is out of print, it is a real downer…. BTW, nice how you used the “chuffed” word !!!

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