I wonder if Will will return to the LBC posts!

Turn around specialists are being searched for many struggling companies in India.

Turn by turn was the formula our mother had devised to satisfy three rowdy young boys.

Turn cartwheels is what I would like to do again. Some hope!

I cannot turn down any request for assistance from ladies.

Turn effective instead of efficient.

Turn forceful when treated like a door mat.

A good turn deserves another.

Pune turns hot from another fifteen days.

Turn inwards to find answers for big questions.


My knees turn to jelly when I see babies.


I cannot turn mean under any provocation. It is just not in me.

Turn to nature to find answers for health problems.

I know some people who turn opaque on occasion.

Grapes do not turn putrid.

I turn very quiet when someone else pontificates.

I am brown. I therefore cannot turn red with embarrassment!

Yogurt turns sour quickly in India unless it is refrigerated immediately after it sets.

I often see bullies turn tail when the bullied turn aggressive.

My life turned upside down when my father moved in with me.

Mobs in India turn violent when religious sentiments are affected.

Though I am brown, I suspect that I can turn white if I ever see a ghost.


Bullies turn yellow when confronted.


You will see that the word ‘turn’ is a very versatile one and is used in conjunction with a whole range of other words. I invite my readers to suggest phrases to complete the letters without support!

Finally, one of my favourite songs of all times.

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