Three Friends And Language.

First friend SS sent me this.

Five minutes later I read another message from a different friend KA who sent me this:

For good measure he also added:

“I remembered you when I read this word…

Saying this with respect 🙏 not as a crack…”

Ten minutes later I got this from AB:

Everyone knows I’m a stickler for good spelling. So when an associate e-mailed technical documents asking me to “decifer” them, I had to set him straight.

“Decipher is spelled with a ph, not an f,” I wrote. “In case you’ve forgotten, spell-checker comes free with your Microsoft program.”

A minute later came his reply, “Must be dephective.”

My day started off well and with a smile which subsequently became a grin.

14 thoughts on “Three Friends And Language.”

  1. I can see why your little smile turned into a grin – all that ‘love’ shown 3 friends who know you well

    English is a hard enough language to learn and understand for those who have it as their first (and for many only ) language – never mind those trying to to similar who are learning it as a second language!

    I did notice you had used the North American spelling of favourite in the previous post. Is that the way it’s spelt in India?

    1. I normally would use ‘favourite’ as in India, we are taught the Queen’s English in schools! It is of course getting changed thanks to large scale Americanisation through movies, comics and literature plus our very large diaspora there.

  2. I’m a terror with spelling, and even with spellcheck it doesn’t always come out right – let’s not go to “predictive text” & then grammar… had a few mishaps recently… but mostly people seem to know what I meant, not what it looked like!
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Taerter Symbol Language

    1. For lovers of the English language, India offers tremendous scope for humour in the public domain with very funny sign boards, graffiti etc. One of these days I shall post a set of such signs.

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