Two jokes and Irish Pubs.

I have recently come across two jokes which simply scream to be shared with my friends.

The first one is excellent advise in the form of humour.
“If you want your spouse to listen and pay strict attention to every word you say, talk in your sleep.”

The second one is for all of us confronting aging. This was sent to me a friend of mine who read my earlier post “How Long Do You Wish To Live?” and my recent posts on food.

Patient: Doctor, how can I live to be a hundred?
Doctor: Well, I suggest that you give up drinking, eating rich food and going out with women.
Patient: And then, I will live to be a hundred?
Doctor: No, but it will seem like it.

Now, what does this joke have to do with Irish Pubs? Apart from the advise from the doctor about drinking, and my two brief but very enjoyable visits to Ireland many years ago, about which I am often nostalgic,two of my good blogger friends, Paddy and Grannymar are Irish and recently, there has been some posts and comments from both of them on the subject.
As, it seems to happen to me regularly, I have been musing about these weighty matters and this morning, I came across an interesting article about the Irish Pubs which kind of explains many things to me and hopefully will, to Paddy and Grannymar.

I know that to some extent, the UK too has undergone a lot of change in its pub culture, primarily due to the same reason that is mentioned in the article, strict rules about drinking and driving. I wonder if this is true in the USA too?

Can some of my American barflies elaborate? Has MADD had any effect on the culture?

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