Two New Friends.

My readers know how much I enjoy being with young people and I am blessed to come across many interesting young people who challenge me and keep me on my toes. I am sure that it is this interaction with the young that has kept me from going bonkers. Here is another instance of two young people coming into my life thanks to a series of events which I prefer calling as synchronicity.

The producer and the Director of the film Ippadikku featured in my Post Jaganmohan Krishnamoorthy and Shiva Shankar Natarajan took great pains to locate me and after fixing up an appointment came over to meet me on Saturday evening.


That is Shiva on the left and Jagan on the right.
The following two photographs show me with Shiva and Jagan.
Shiva and self
Jagan and self

They spent about two hours with me and it was a very informative and interesting time spent getting to know each other and about film making. As usual, I was enthralled by their individual stories which have brought them together in Pune and the synchronicity that has brought the two into my life.

I look forward to being in touch with them and perhaps even participating in their future ventures in whatever way that they choose.

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