Two Night Stand.


The trailer was intriguing when I saw it last week when I had gone to see Finding Fanny. So, when for this week Ramesh suggested that we go again to a combination of one English and one Hindi film, I readily agreed. We went to see Two Night Stand yesterday.

The movie lived up to its expectation that I had developed from the trailer. It was fast moving, totally believable and generates a great deal of sympathy for both the lead characters who are fumbling around trying to find meaningful relationships.

I had never heard of any of the actors nor the director and so this totally new combination came as a very pleasant surprise to me. It is a tightly edited and very well photographed/directed movie worth seeing for people interested in observing value a system and lifestyles totally out of synch with my generation’s. Since the audio effect suffers in places with poor recording causing missing of some conversations, I am unable to give more than[rating=5]

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    1. I see a lot of movies on the DVD at home because I had missed out on many good ones during my pre-retirement and caregiving days. But there are so many new films being shown in our theaters and my friend and I are footloose, we try and see as many as possible. I have another movie buff who is more selective and that too encourages me to get out of the home to go to a theater.

  1. I want to see this movie, but my lifestyle is such that getting out to see movies is a rare happening. I wanted to see Finding Fanny too, but I couldn’t get to it. If it’s an Indian movie, though, it’s bound to hit the television screens sooner or later.

    Incidentally, when I was reading your review, I was hoping you’d tell the name of the lead actors and also the producer, director and cinematographer. Not to mention the film’s setting. A film set in London, for example, would be totally different in style and tone to a film set in say, NYC. Just saying.

    I enjoyed reading your review and will be looking out for this movie. I loved your line ‘fumbling around trying to find meaningful relationships*. Really funny and spot on.
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    1. If you click on the link to the film you will go to a page that gives all the details of actors, director, etc. I have just written another review of a film shot in Lucknow and I mention you in the post.

  2. so many of these small films without major stars are really little gems.
    a lot of them come out of sundance film festival i think.
    i’ll watch for this one. thanks rummy!
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