During the lockdown, my daughter in love Manjiree had to go off to her mother’s place to be with her mother during a particularly trying time as her grandmother (Nani) was seriously ill and had been admitted in a hospital.

During her absence a dear friend SK was getting home cooked food for me and my son Ranjan.

Nani did not recover from her surgery and passed away and I sent a message to my SK by WhatsApp which I reproduce below.

“Manjiree and her mother have moved to my home after creating Nani.

No need to trouble you any more. Thanks for your help.

At your convenience please drop the other bag/carrier so that I can return both to my friend.

Thanks once again. I look forward to meeting all three of you after this tha Asha is over.

A person Affectionate regards.”

Earlier this afternoon, SK finally decided to ask me for clarification on what I meant by creation of Nani. Naturally I was zapped and asked him to send me the message back to me as I had erased it at my end. I discovered that it was cremation and not creation. There were also two other typos – the last but one line should read as “thamasha” instead of “tha Asha”; and, the last line should not have “A person” in it at all.

Autocorrect at its best and a lesson for me to edit before pressing the send button in future messages.

Thank you SK.

20 thoughts on “Typo.”

  1. Oops….you did it again, Rajgopalji…. you wrote in your blog, my daughter in love…..fisssssss

      1. I too have been prone to hitting the send button before taking time to review/edit what it is I am planning on sending.
        One would think at our age we would automatically slow down but then there might be the other philosophy that Iโ€™d better do things quicker so as to get as much done in whatever time one has left.
        But for me, I still abide by the, hopefully not worn out cliche โ€œOne day at a time!โ€
        Stay well, my friend.

        1. Slow down at our age? At least when it comes to texting, all of us seem to want to get it over with as soon as possible and that is why we hit the send button without editing. It is obvious from the other comments on this post.

  2. Luckily I haven’t perpetrated any serious typos in my life, but I’ve certainly made some amusing ones. I always have to be careful to type organism rather than orgasm, which could cause a bit of fluttering in the dovecotes!

  3. Typos certainly have a way of turning one’s meaning into something new and different. With blog and Facebook posts, it’s easy to find and correct, even after publishing. With an email sent, comment made, or “Messenger” posted, that option isn’t there. I usually try to proofread those before submitting, but sometimes something sneaks through.

    Best wishes to you through these trying times. We are doing fine here.
    Mike recently posted..COVID-19 Screenshots

  4. There are typos, and then the very interesting autocorrect (Siri, in my case, now). I had a colleague at work and my blackberry would autocorrect her name to Prick. I missed it once and while that taught me a lesson, I am amused at how often I still press send without proofreading.

    1. LOL!
      let’s hope she had a sense of humor. ๐Ÿ˜€
      and I don’t proofread either. I recently sent your mom an email about something in Portland WA. good grief.

  5. Guilty as charged here. I hate the new auto-correct that blues out everything and asks to delete. I lose my temper with it and don’t know how to remove it. I’d rather have none and then do a quick proofread.


    1. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Law be damned. The very first one to suffer my idiosyncrasy was my late mother in love who had retired as a Principal of a School and who thought that it was murder of the English language. It took a great deal of struggle to convince her to accept the term.

  6. I’ve seen “daughter in love” on various platforms…

    back before messenger I text the wrong person as well…telling them that I was sorry I can’t met you again! And said receiver replied…”why are you abandoning me, I thought we were friends” and then me having to try and get that sorted out, as said person seemed to think I had meant it etc, etc, etc. I think I finally dropped off some chocolates…
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..New date: 27th April @ midnight

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