Unadulterated Joy!

The new year has been very kind to me so far and it is just eight days old. I hope that it continues to be so for the rest of the year too.

The first instance was when I wrote about Ranjan getting me a new year gift of a book in my post Short Cuts. What I did not know at that time was that he had another surprise in store for me which he produced yesterday.

Perhaps I am not being my age!

It should easily be over a couple of decades since I read a comic book and particularly Asterix. This collection with three new stories that I had not read before were simply too good for words. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them and have decided to keep getting them whenever I go anywhere near a book shop or get Ranjan to get them whenever he does.

Shall we just say that I have re-discovered a childhood passion for comic books?

I had hardly finished reading Asterix when the door bell rang and Amazon delivered another surprise. This surprise was all the more delightful for its unlikely sender.  My friend Kaustubh without having warned me, simply arranged for this book to be delivered to me. Quite why he did that is something that will bug me for some time but in the attached note he added that he looked forward to my review of the book. I had to tell him that the review will have to wait as this book will have to await its turn till all the others in the queue are dealt with. He cheerfully agreed to.

My life is getting to be quite a tsundoku! There are eight books in the queue to be read. How about you dear reader?

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