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Ashok is blessed. He has been writing elsewhere about his niece and how much he enjoys being with her and spoiling her. I too am blessed with three delightful nieces and they are all sources of great delight for me too. I am also blessed twice over because I am a Maamaa for my sister’s children and Periappa for the children of my two brothers. Yes, Indians have clear names for different relationships instead of just one size fits all, “uncle”.

But when Ashok suggested this topic my mind immediately went to this famous uncle with his equally famous nephews. Unca Donald has three such boisterous nephews whereas I have four, each a specimen in his own right and each my kaleja ka tukda. (A Hindi phrase which literally means ‘a piece of my own liver’ meaning someone very special in my life.)


I enjoy my uncle-hood now more than when my nieces and nephews were little tykes, because instead of me spoiling them like I used to then, to quote one of them “it is pay back time now” and I get spoiled by them whenever one of them gets an opportunity to be with me. But frankly and strictly between you and me, I enjoy being with their children even more. So, may be I should wait for Ashok to become a grand uncle before I suggest another topic for the LBC as Grand Uncle-hood.

Ashok, are you reading this?

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  1. Loved Donald Duck. Must have been my first brush with America (and comic strips). Thanks for reminding me.Funny what we relegate to the recesses of our brains only to dust down later.

    For obvious reasons I am not an uncle. None of my nephews and nieces calls me Aunt (Tante) Ursula though have been declared their favourite one. Which is a dubious honour – not that I don’t believe them. Just did the maths and that’s only counting those spawned by my siblings: Eleven. Nine boys, two girls.

    I had lots of uncles. I loved them all. If for different reasons. Grand lot. Unfortunately they do keep dying. Now I’ve only got one left living. Consolation prize being my memories (and my mother’s), photographs and letters.

    I wish I were “a piece of your liver”, Ramana. On second thought: What’s your liver’s state?

    Ursula recently posted..Who will play you?

    1. My liver is in top condition Ursula. I have not had an alcoholic drink for the past fifteen years. You are most welcome to become a piece of that marvelous piece of equipment.

  2. One does not need to have nieces and nephews to be called “Uncle” in India ! I think I attained “Uncle-hood” to everyone younger than me around 5 years ago when my hair started turning grey ! Real nieces and nephews have 2 ways of addressing me (1) Overseas – Uncle Nandu (2) India – Nandu Uncle . Of course if I was a character in Walt Disneys Donald Duck I would be Unca Nandu ! 🙂

    1. Nandu, you have not much to do with some ladies in this part of the world. Well into their sixties a number of them call me uncle and take offense if I reciprocate and call them aunty.

  3. Of course what’s not to love about Donald Duck’s capers with with his quacky little nephews!

    As an uncle myself to two nieces and two nephews, it’s a rather subdued role I suppose. I see them at best about once a year during a Thanksgiving dinner. We are all on Facebook but seldom if ever exchange words.
    Alan G recently posted..Favorite Words….

  4. A lot of my friends kids are married and about to have kids of their own. So you would be surprised how close I am to grand-unclehood 😉
    Ashok recently posted..Unclehood

  5. alas…
    roaming around the country moving constantly… never really got to know my two uncles that well. and though i’m not ‘uncle tammy’…
    i’m thoroughly enjoying spoiling and being around my own darling nephews! they’re my liver too! LOL. that’s cool.
    tammyj recently posted..the art of having not much

    1. There are many other terms of endearment in our local languages that would sound odd to Westerners like, I am just a speck of dust before you who are like the moon etc!

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