Unexpected Side Effects Of Terrorism.

There is an interesting if somewhat bizarre news today related to terrorism in India.

A Police Inspector attached to our State’s SID, (State Intelligence Department) has been suspended from service and an departmental enquiry has been set in motion. He has been charged with abetting terrorists. His son and a brother in law, both using his registered residence, in a town different from where he is posted, have been publishing a news paper supporting a proclaimed terrorist organization. All three are Muslims.

The news paper has been in business at least since 2001, when it came under the scanner of intelligence units, when it published a poem praising Osama Bin Laden.

While the police department has been claiming that it has incontrovertible proof of his involvement, the officer claims that he has been establishing an intelligence net work, for securing intelligence. The officer claims that he is being victimized for being a Muslim. He claims to have always gathered high quality intelligence and blames some higher ups for a witch hunt. The officer, apparently passed on highly sensitive intelligence to higher ups which were not acted upon, due to political interference. When he allegedly questioned this inaction, the witch hunt has been launched against him. He is appealing to the the departmental machinery as well as to various politicians to arrange for a Central Government probe to prove his innocence.

Our state is not governed by the so called Hindu National Party or any of its allies. It is governed by the so called Secular Parties.

The Muslims of the area however claim that it is a witch hunt to tarnish the image of an upright and patriotic Indian, who incidentally happens to be a Muslim.

In the news item, names have been mentioned, which I think is not proper to do in this post. The article that I have read is from a highly respected weekly magazine published from the South of India.

Now, my questions are, why post a Muslim in such a sensitive position if there was the slightest possibility of his not being capable of doing what is expected of him, why allow him to gather intelligence and finally, why has the move come after seven years?

I bet someone can write a great mystery novel about this episode. Any volunteers?

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