Ungli. Man Proposes, God Disposes!


“Whatever happened is the only thing that could have happened”
Nothing, absolutely nothing of that which we experienced could have been any other way. Not even in the least important detail. There is no “If only I had done that differently…, then it would have been different…”. No. What happened is the only thing that could have taken place and must have taken place for us to learn our lesson in order to move forward. Every single situation in life, which we encounter, is absolutely perfect, even when it defies our understanding and our ego.

That is the second of the Four Principles Of Spirituality. It struck me hard today that this is how one must view unexpected developments.

It has been two weeks since Ramesh and I went out for a movie and he was getting restless. I had been preoccupied with some other matters and was not particularly keen on going to a movie as there is nothing of my liking currently running in Pune. The best I thought would be to see a Hindi film called Zed Security and saw that it would be screened at 2.25 pm at a theater very near our homes. We decided earlier in the morning that after lunch at our respective homes, we would go to see this film and that is what we did.

On reaching the theater we were told that unfortunately due to a goof up, the ads for the film were still being shown in the newspapers but the film itself has been taken off and that there was no show for Zed Plus. Having gone that far sacrificing our siestas we thought that we might as well see some other film and found that a Hindi film called Ungli which had received favourable reviews would show from 3.00 pm. We bought ourselves tickets for the show and went into a popular high end cafe to have some coffee before the show. We ended up having Black Forest Pastry with Vanilla Ice Cream along with our coffee and also met with a mutual friend who I had not met for a long time at the cafe.


We saw Ungli and came out satisfied that it was not a waste of money and time. It was entertaining and not too noisy, the vigilantism not too violent;  and thankfully ran for just under two hours. We may not go to see Zed Plus and will get to eventually see it on a DVD but the alternative was well worth sacrificing the siesta and I would give the film a[rating=5] rating for its entertainment value and the populist message that it sends to the public.

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