Unintended Consequences.

I received three phone calls yesterday from totally unexpected sources. The first one was the most significant as it almost resulted in the caller escalating the matter to crisis levels.

The first one was from my cousin who after reading my blog post My Life Saver got very worried and called me to find out what was wrong with me. Knowing that I am quite capable of making not only my own tea but also cook very edible meals, he thought that I was incapacitated in some way to order for tea from a restaurant. When he called, I had just got up from my siesta and the mobile phone was in the drawing room.  I did not respond to the first call on my mobile phone as I could not hear the ringing. He then tried a WhatsApp call which also went unanswered. He finally called on my landline and I answered just as he was about to disconnect to ring up my son to find out if there was any emergency. When the calls were unanswered he concluded that something serious must have happened to me and since even the land line was not being answered by either my son or daughter in love, he got really worried.

A little explanation is called for here. I should have been clearer about why I wanted to get tea from a restaurant in my post. For the past four days, I have been under some discomfort due to a pulled back muscle which makes standing and walking very painful. I am under treatment for it and feeling much better as I write this but, the day before yesterday was really very bad. The idea of standing and brewing my tea was very uninspiring and also distressing and that is why I had sought to buy tea from outside.

I explained this to my cousin who was assuaged and calmed down and we spoke about some other recent family matters and that was that.

The other two calls were from friends who too read my blog posts and who too wondered why I did not simply make myself a mug of tea as I would normally have. They also had to be given the same story and all was well that ended well.

I have learnt a lesson. I should not cause such worries to my family and friends and write in such a way that they get a full picture of why I do certain things.

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