Unpaid Carers.

I came across this term for the first time this morning. It intrigued me enough to plod through this rather disturbing article in the Independent.

I can identify completely with the findings among the care givers as I have, at one time or the other experienced, some or all symptoms experienced by them.

The major difference between their experiences and mine is that I know that there is no possibility of any kind of help from the state, whereas, in Britain, it would appear that, there is hope. That enables me to soldier on on a realistic basis, rather than hope for some kind of largesse from the state, the sooner the better. The second difference is that presumably, in all the cases in the UK, there is no other kin available to extend care to the receiver, whereas, in my case, there is an extended family, but one that my care receiver has alienated very effectively. In many other cases, the children take turns to look after their parent/s, whereas my siblings cannot.

May I request my American, Canadian. Australian and New Zealand readers to comment on how the situation is, in their respective countries?

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