The hospital authorities and the orthopedic surgeon, ruled out surgery for my father’s fracture and discharged him from the hospital on Saturday.

I have now created a hospital room in his bed room with round the clock male nursing care as he has been advised total bed rest.

It is hoped that with the rest, the fracture will mend. Only time will tell.

On the personal front, I am totally without any pain from the prolapsed disc, but the ulnar palsy still troubles me, though not to the same extent as a fortnight ago. I seem to be on the mend there too. I am to go for an EMG on the 10th when further course of action will be determined.

I am now in a better frame of mind and can concentrate on my other pursuits like blogging, my evening and now, morning walks in my favourite park near home, reading etc.

Some good news in the form of the imminent arrival of my sister Padmini for a two day visit, some good new business etc, gives me hope that other good things will follow.

This is to thank all my friends who sent their best wishes and prayers during the tense period last week. I am touched and am grateful Thank you all once again.

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