I will be away from the blog world for a few days commencing later today due to preoccupation with a visiting friend’s needs and from tomorrow due to my going off down South to Chennai for a family reunion.

I have scheduled my Friday LBC post for publishing on Friday.

I shall resume blogging/commenting/responding to comments etc on my return to Pune.

17 thoughts on “Vacation.”

  1. Ramana and Barath can look forward to a warn welcome in Chennai. Hope the meetings in Chennai would be like Greek-Meeting-Greek = a feast of reason and flow of wit.

  2. How dare you, Ramana? Going away? Not watering your blog? It’s not on! What am I going to do without you?

    Grudgingly wishing you a great time,
    Ursula recently posted..Warmth

    1. My apologies dear. I shall now stay put. Your grudging wishes were much appreciated and you will be glad to know that I did have a great time and am still paying the price for it.

  3. Sorry this is actually regarding the old ;post of July 11 ,2011 named ” A Laurie Baker Home” . Came across this post now when I was searching for Laurie Baker homes. After seeing the raving comments to the pics, I would love to see those snaps. They don’t seem to be there in the site. Would it be possible to post them?

  4. Glad we could meet ( after 22 years ! ) for breakfast at the Royal Connaught Boat Club before you flew off to Chennai ! Even if I hadn’t seen your recent pics I would have recognised you – sight and sound !

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