This photograph was taken this morning at our local ward Municipal Hospital where I got vaccinated against Covid 19. The template contains messages in Marathi, our local language, to the effect that I have got myself vaccinated and am safe from Covid 19; and so should you get vaccinated  and  become safe.

It is expected that such photographs will spread through social media and persuade sceptics into taking the vaccination.

Including twenty minutes of driving time to and from the hospital the total time taken between leaving my home and returning was 90 minutes.  That also included 30 minutes of post jab observation and a follow up speech by the attending doctor.

I have been vaccinated with Covishield manufactured locally at Pune.  I have to take a booster shot after six and before eight weeks again.  The second shot however will be at a different hospital where the registration process need not be followed and one can simply walk in and get the shot.

I was most impressed with the efficiency and enthusiasm of the staff.  Totally unexpected from a government run organisation.


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  1. Congrats! We get our second shot the day after tomorrow and are already thinking of a trip in a couple of months to see our youngest, her husband and our granddaughter in California.
    Mike recently posted..Warmer, heat, & shots

  2. Glad you got your vaccination. Getting the second booster shot sounds quite simple when you’re due. I have both of mine with the two weeks post for their maximum immunity to be effective occurring as this month ends.

    1. I am already feeling better after the two days of post vaccination side effects and now look forward to my second after which I can return to some semblance of my pre covid lifestyle.

  3. Good for your, Ramana, if you wanted the shot.

    I am not an anti-vaxxer; I am hesitant. I do remain sceptical and haven’t taken up the offer yet. Possibly a luxury I can afford as I am a pretty healthy specimen. Not that that protects me from the (online) venom of those who swear by the vaccine even though they don’t even understand the most basic concept of, say, efficacy. Just because you are immunised doesn’t mean you won’t get Covid (albeit with a more benign fallout) or won’t be able to pass it on.

    The notion that all is well because you have had the jab is what leads people to become more careless. It’s like at the beginning of the first lockdown people when people were asked to wear masks when going into a shop. The two meter distancing rule (of number one importance and one I adhere to stringently) immediately fell by the wayside. False sense of security.

    Clots? Canada and parts of Germany have suspended Astra. Last week the chance was one in a million, this week it’s estimated as one in one hundred thousand. Sure, statistically, that’s still ok. As long as you aren’t the one in one hundred thousand. Begs the question why people play the lottery if they think it won’t be them.


    1. I wanted it Ursula and took my GP’s advice before I registered for the vaccination. I am intrigued at your take on it though and hope that it all works out well for you in the end. My best wishes that they do.

  4. good for you Rummy. and that’s a great picture!
    and I agree with WWW. a pleasant way to encourage others.
    even with the vaccine… we still should use basic good sense!
    many over here seem to think “ok. I’m safe now… so done with it!”
    silly attitude really. but they have to make their own choices I guess.

  5. I had my second vaccination yesterday. But as Tammy says, lots of people now think they’re “safe” and can do anything they like with impunity. They don’t understand the difference between 85% effective and 100% effective. As for the safety of the AstraZeneca vaccine itself, which is the one I had, I think the possible risk of blood clots has been greatly exaggerated and I had no scruples about taking it.

    1. During the post jab observation period of thirty minutes a doctor explained the pros and cons of the vaccine to all the receivers which clearly gave us a roadmap after the second jab. I however suspect that there may well be others who will ignore such guidelines and endanger themselves as well as others.

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